It is a fact that in recent years digital technology has become increasingly the main driver of change in the manufacturing industry, in the context of the 4th industrial revolution, known as 'Digital Transformation'. In a modern, rapidly evolving industrial environment, where the pursuit of competitiveness involves quality, consistency, competitive prices and safety, the company's Digital Transformation must be of a high strategic priority.

    SEEMS digital technology specialists analyze the company's current situation, the new business requirements and based on the available technology, they design in detail the company’s Digital Transition, which will ensure increased performance at a lower cost and significant dynamics in adapting to the continuously evolving needs.

    Step 1

    Determination of maturity level (Digital readiness)

    We assess the current situation and the new operational requirements to classify the company's readiness level to implement the Digital Transition.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Digital Vision and Mission

    Based on the current situation of the company and its potential evolution into a modern business, we clearly redefine the company's Vision and Mission within the new digital reality, identifying the goals the company wants to achieve through its digital upgrade.

    Step 3

    Digital Transition, Strategy and Plan

    We design together the new business strategy and draw up a comprehensive plan for the implementation of the Digital Transition (new operational architecture, digital technologies, resource engagement, personnel training, interoperability, cybersecurity, cost analysis and implementation phases).

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Digital Culture

    Based on the Vision and Mission, and by employing the appropriate tools and practices, we advise and train the management and staff to develop a modern digital culture for the most efficient use and exploitation of new capabilities to gain a high level of competitiveness and extroversion.